Yvette Jackson

Bradenton, FL

I’ve been using Rosetta’s Farm Spices in my recipes and cooking for over 3 years. What I really enjoy is the versatility the Chili Blends offer me. I have tried them all, and have used in both savory and sweet. My favorite blends are smooth and mellow, and sweetie pie, which are both wonderful for every day cooking. Whether I’m looking for a sweet heat, or a smoky flavor, these spices always deliver what I need.

Christopher Albert

Jackson, NJ

As an avid cook, I am always looking for ways to enhance my meals, make new dishes and make tasty creations. I have used a plethora of spices but none have given my meals the ZING that Rosetta Farms Spices brings to the table! I found that Rosetta’s Farm Spices are the best way to spice up any meal or dessert. The Chili Blends give an explosion of taste and character. I would truly recommend this product for the professional chef or novice.

Jack Shepard

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

I have been using Rosetta’s Farm spices for 5 years. I really enjoy the ghost pepper blend that I use in all the beef and chicken dishes I enjoy. Each Christmas all of my children look forward to a stocking stuffer of Rosetta Farm spices. They enjoy the smoky and spicy flavor it adds to their cooking.