"Excellent products! An easy way to add flavor complexity to a variety of dishes. My favorite was the ghost pepper blend and my wife's was the cherry pepper blend. I will be using them regularly moving forward."

Brandon L. Roa

Food Scientist | Foodie | Home Chef

Bedminster, NJ

Ghost Pepper


Cherry  Pepper


Culinary Delights 

Masterfully grown chili peppers, smoked dried, and blended with familiar spices to enhance food, wine, beverages, and recipes.


Sweetie Pie


Chipotle Cayenne

Eight heat ranges that add flavor complexity to red wines, creamy desserts, main dishes, vegetables, starches, and much more...


Sweetie Pie

Sampler Tins.jpg

Sampler Tins

Three sampler tins to explore flavors -

reasonably priced, super fresh, and a shelf life you likely haven't experienced before

with off-the-shelf spices. 

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