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Looking for spicy flavor without 

mouth-on-fire heat? 

Stick with me! 



I'm Bill Devine, and my momma could cook! I share this joy by sharing her best low-heat spice blends with the world. 

You can try a sample of three to get your feet wet. You'll regonize notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other familiar spices. 

Our fans sprinkle Seeetie Pie, Cherry Pepper or Smooth & Mellow on desserts, salads, side dishes, and beverages. And, they add these low-heat blends to favorite recipes. 

Come on a give it a try. Your smile is my reward. 

Chili Pepper 
Spice Blends 
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Artisanal blends by Bill Devine | 1012 West 8th Street Plainfield, NJ 07063

 info@rosettafarms.com | 908.788.7467