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Spiced Sweet Potato Pies with Rum Cinnamon Cream

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Rosetta's Farm Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Spiced Sweet Potato Pies with Rum Cinnamon Cream

This holiday favorite recipe makes two 9” deep-dish pies and has been accentuated with topping cream to share with friends all year long

Pie Ingredients:

  • 1 - 40 oz. can of sweet potatoes or bake 3 medium potatoes at 400 degrees for an hour

  • 3 eggs

  • 1 ½ cups of sugar

  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract

  • 3 tsp. RFS Sweetie Pie

  • ½ tsp. allspice

  • 1/8 tsp. baking soda

  • ¼ cup heavy cream or evaporated milk

  • ¼ cup orange juice

  • 1 ½ tbsp. butter (soften to room temperature)

  • 2 – 9” deep dish pie crusts, frozen

Pre heat oven to 325 degrees

In a very large bowl, mix the above ingredients (excluding the RFS Sweetie Pie blend and pie crusts) with electric beaters until smooth and creamy.

Sprinkle ½ tsp of the RFS Sweetie Pie blend uniformly around each pie crust shell (total of 1 tsp; ½ per each pie crust)

Pour and spoon equal amounts of filling into each pie shell, place on baking sheet and position on second highest rack in oven.

For canned potatoes, bake for 1¾ hours

For baked potatoes, bake for 1 hour

Once the hot pies are removed from oven, sprinkle 1 tsp of the RFS Sweetie Pie blend uniformly on top (total of 2 tsp; one per each pie crust)

Rum Cinnamon Spiced Cream Ingredients:

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • 1 ½ tbsp. confectionary sugar

  • ¼ tsp. rum extract

  • ¼ tsp. RFS Sweetie Pie

Chill clean bowl and beaters in freezer for 15 minutes.

Place all items into bowl and whisk at low speed until bubbles form.

Increase to medium speed until beaters change bubbles into soft mixture

Increase to high speed and cream will create soft to stiff peaks. Approximately two minutes total for electric beaters.

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