Rosetta's Farm

Silver Linings


Behind every successful person, there's the main narrative. They each had an iconic inspirational figure in their life. My mother, Rosetta is mine. It's fitting that my business venture is named in her memory. 

Mom could cook! I mean, really cook. Savory to sweet, every meal and beverage popped with flavor. And, so, with a craving for her meals lingering, I returned to the farm I grew up on and planted her favorite peppers to make spice blends. 

The Rosetta's Farm adventure began in late 2009 after an unexpected career pivot in a down economy. Not much for complaining, I began planning the next chapter of my life. Funny how things have silver linings. Owning and operating a business is immensely rewarding. 

It's a pleasure to share my family's passion for good food online and at local events. Thank you so much for visiting our website, and all the best from all of us. 


Bill Devine